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The app is intended for those who work a lot in front of the computer. It's necessary to have breaks from your work for ten minutes every hour. This app will not let you forget to make such breaks, which means it will help your eyes to remain healthy.

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

The app includes the main exercises for eyes' training and relaxation.

You can create your personal programs with the set of exercises you need.

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

"Training" section has exercises which will help you to recover visual acuity since these exercises train your eyes' muscles.

"Relaxation" section will help to relax your eyes which is especially important while you work at a computer.

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

Each program has a number of settings: you can choose the number of exercises, duration of your training, the program's name, the icon that shows your mood, etc. Each program has a countdown. Also you can set the reminders, including every day- every hour reminder.

The trial version will let you add one program and choose icons from the first 12 icons in the list.

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

The full version will let you add two personal programs, change/delete the default programs without any limits, and will let you choose any icon from the icon list.

The app has a live tile which says how many times you trained today.

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

Also you can pin a live tile for every program you set in the app. It will remind you how many times you trained today, the amount of exercises and the duration of your break.

Please e-mail your suggestions/comments to: ynstudios@hotmail.com

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

Version 1.2

Added 4 exercises: 2 for Relaxation section and 2 for Training section.

【免費健康App】Eyes Relaxation-APP點子

Added pictures for each exercise which will guide you for exercise performance.

Added 4 new icons for your programs.

Fixed some bags.

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