FTP Server (Demo)

【免費工具App】FTP Server (Demo)-APP點子

This program allows you to run an ftp server on your android device. This means that any other computer/device can access the files on your android device while the ftp server is running. For example, entering 'ftp://...' in the firefox url bar will allow you to browse the files on your device from a desktop pc or a laptop.

By default, the user name and password are both 'ftp', you should change them. You use this user name and password when accessing the server.

For power and security reasons, it is recommended that the server be stopped after use.


* Complete and efficient FTP Server

* Implements advanced FTP features like UTF8, MDTM and MFMT

* Implements Bonjour/DNS-SD for easy service discovery

* Anonymous login possible (with restricted rights for security)

* Configuration of chroot directory possible (default sdcard)

* Configuration of port possible (default 2121)

* Possible to keep running while screen off

* Runs on local network, even when tethering (phone is the access point)

【免費工具App】FTP Server (Demo)-APP點子

* Has public intents to support scripting:

- be.ppareit.swiftp.ACTION_START_FTPSERVER

- be.ppareit.swiftp.ACTION_STOP_FTPSERVER

* Follows Holo interface guidelines, looks good on phone/tablet/tv/...

* Uses notification to remind user that the server is running

* Easy starting/stopping server from settings

* Has widget to ease starting/stopping server

FTP Server is open source software released under the GPL v3.

Code: https://github.com/ppareit/swiftp

Issues: https://github.com/ppareit/swiftp/issues?state=open

Current maintainer: Pieter Pareit.

【免費工具App】FTP Server (Demo)-APP點子

Initial development: Dave Revell.

This is the DEMO version of FTP Server.

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