Face Recognition 320*240

【免費工具App】Face Recognition 320*240-APP點子

The app uses an LBP-like algorithm to recognize a face. It can automatically train itself for recognizing a specific face after you press the Training button. The trained app automatically recognizes a face and shows the recognition score (i.e. Similarity Score). In general, the score is greater than 90 if the trained face and the recognized face belong to the same user. Automatic actions of training and recognizing are triggered only when the space between the face and the camera is 30 cm-37 cm that is shown on the screen. The shown distance may be different from the real distance.

Note that the recognition rate depends on many factors that include the quality of the camera, the environmental light, the emotional expression of the face, the orientation angle of the face, etc.

If you press the Training button, the app enters "Training Mode". After the Training Mode app takes 4 training face pictures, it will automatically enters "Recognition Mode". If you press the Reset button anytime, the app will restart.

The app CANNOT work if your Android camera CANNOT support 320*240 resolution!

【免費工具App】Face Recognition 320*240-APP點子

【免費工具App】Face Recognition 320*240-APP點子

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