Factory Outlets: US NorthEast

【免費購物App】Factory Outlets: US NorthEast-APP點子

400 Brands in 41 Factory Outlet Malls in the NorthEast of the US.

Ever got lost while trying to get to a Factory Outlet Mall? Do you live in the US? Are you an international tourist on a shopping adventure in the US?

400 Brands in 41 Factory Outlet Malls are accessible to you at the palm of your hand.

States covered are: CT,MA,ME,NH,NJ,NY,PA,VT

Key benefits of the app include:

【免費購物App】Factory Outlets: US NorthEast-APP點子

- Turn-by-Turn directions with live traffic updates on your GPS-enabled phone

- URL link to each Factory Outlet Store

【免費購物App】Factory Outlets: US NorthEast-APP點子

- Updated sales, special offers and coupons for each Factory Outlet Mall. URL link to current coupons for each Factory Outlet, giving the user additional savings over and beyond the existing in-store promotions.

- Each Outlet Mall is searchable by State, by Outlet Name and by Brand

【免費購物App】Factory Outlets: US NorthEast-APP點子

- A complete collection of 400 Brands in 41 Outlet Malls

Check out the screen shots below. Never ever get lost again while on your way to great shopping deals at the Factory Outlet Malls of the NorthEast.

Try our free demo app first at https://market.android.com/details?id=appinventor.ai_marc1i.FOParadise_demo&feature=search_result.

The demo app gives you an actual experience of all of the app's key benefits and features with 4 demo factory outlets

【免費購物App】Factory Outlets: US NorthEast-APP點子

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