Fairy Tales Premium

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

We want our children to be well brought up. Download interesting and wise fairy­tales for them in

a fine application.

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

All children love fairy­tales! Magical, developing mind and imagination, about animals and about

people... New worlds can be found in the lines of the favorite tale. Audiotales are a great choice

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

for the parents who want to have free time and don’t want their children to watch television all day.

Our application will help your child discover this world in an educating form of fairy­tales.


- The turn­off timer: You may be sure when your child falls asleep with the sounds of favorite

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

audiotales, the application will stop playing tales and let your child sleep quietly.

- Blocking of pressing the buttons. If the child accidentally presses any button on the screen, the

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

application won’t shut down or stop playing the tale.

- Choosing fairy­tales according to the child’s age. For your convenience all audiotales are divided

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

into age categories.

- Choosing fairy­tales according to the author. If you like a certain author, you can download

【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

his/her fairy­tales and enjoy them.

- Illustrations to the fairy­tales. Each tale has an ill


【免費音樂App】Fairy Tales Premium-APP點子

5 audioskazok await your tales.

Following items are available for download audio fairy:

"Baba-Yaga", "Swan-Geese", "Masha and the bear", "Snowmaiden", "Little Red Cap"

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