Fake Outgoing Call

【免費娛樂App】Fake Outgoing Call-APP點子

Dial out to a fake person. Create a conversation, select a number or contact from your phone book and dial out as you would normally do using your phone's dialer. But instead of a real person, your phone will answer to you and have a fake conversation with it.

you could even give your phone to a friend, ask him to call to an already activated faked number and have fun.

you can enable fake outgoing call for three separate numbers or enable fake calling for ALL dialled numbers


1) type in a name and phone number or select from your contacts

2) select a Text to Speech (TTs) conversation or a pre-recorded sound file to be used for the fake session.

3) Activate Fake Outgoing call for one , two or three separate tel numbers.

4) you may activate Fake Outgoing call for all dialled numbers. WARNING, enabling this will prevent you from making any real calls until you come back to the application and disable this option.

5) if you change the name or phone number while fake out calling is active then de-activate and activate again

【免費娛樂App】Fake Outgoing Call-APP點子

6) Exit the application and use your dialer (or whatever other way you make calls) to dial to the fake caller

7) touch the lower end of the screen to end the application while in fake conversation

8) After using the application, go back and De-Activate all cases for fake out calling in order to avoid any unnecessary processing during normal calls.

creating a fake conversation:

you may create a fake conversation using a Text to Speech (TTS) Voice synthesis or using a standard sound recorder.

For TTs, choose the option "Voice Synthesis". This will give you the option to type in the conversation you like.

use menu to load a sample one. use "?" to get help on creating a TTS conversation. save your conversation. you can save up to 3 TTS conversations.

Alternatively, you may use a sound recorder to record a conversation in a media file.

For recording a conversation, you may use your built in sound recorder or download our "HQ voice recorder Lite" from play store.

【免費娛樂App】Fake Outgoing Call-APP點子

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【免費娛樂App】Fake Outgoing Call-APP點子

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