Family Safety

【免費生活App】Family Safety-APP點子

Active and Passive - Managed Family Safety & Security System!

★ Check your family members location from your own phone.

【免費生活App】Family Safety-APP點子

★ Your Family Safety and Security by location aware real time notifications.

【免費生活App】Family Safety-APP點子

★ Create location aware multiple geo-fence’s to get automatic security alerts when person is not within the specified zone.

【免費生活App】Family Safety-APP點子

★ Create and auto share on road records for safety when you start journey and during the journey.

【免費生活App】Family Safety-APP點子

★ During journey, records are created by capturing the location, pictures, audio etc. with appropriate notifications.

【免費生活App】Family Safety-APP點子

★ Configure and use multiple notification mechanisms in distress Panic situation by press of a single button.

★ View current locations and history of locations visited over last many days and play routes on the map.

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After installation, register your account from within the application and start using your account once it is activated. Typically it takes few minutes to get your account setup and activated. You will be notified within the app as well as by the email once account is activated.

Note: Please keep the application updated for new upgrades.

Disclaimer: This is a supplementary tool providing a mechanism of communication.

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