Farm Craft - Hay Stack

【免費街機App】Farm Craft - Hay Stack-APP點子

Farm Craft : Hay Stack so great.

Farm Craft : Hay Stack :

• A smoking cannabis experience that encourages you to chill-out, grow weed strains and do well at the same time.

• Providing a complex economical hemp system wich will render your actions into profit or loss.

• A gorgeus and stunning setting, in a world with hand-drawn marijuana images, set in a large area for you to build on (wich can be expanded over time!)

• Lifelike soundscapes and relaxing reggae music to accompany you while you get stoned by smoking marijuana and build your Cannabis Empire.

【免費街機App】Farm Craft - Hay Stack-APP點子

• A huge amount of hemp strains for you to roll a joint with, make an bong and smoke; the possibilities are endless!

"The resolution on this hemp ding-dong is... SAAACK!" - Stoned Joe (Cannabis smoking soft drugs)

''Who are you running from? Don't be so silly.'' - Cameraman smoke the dope marijuana joint and bong

Farm Craft : Hay Stack is a relaxed weed farming simulator game where you’ll generate income by growing marijuana strains and produce cool items, and sell these to customers for profit. Discover a fun and cartoony cannabis world were building your own ‘empire of a weed farm’ is the main objective, but don’t get to relaxed with growing your cannabis! Make sure you serve your marijuana smoking customers on time before they get impatient!

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【免費街機App】Farm Craft - Hay Stack-APP點子

-The Farm Craft : Hay Stack Team

【免費街機App】Farm Craft - Hay Stack-APP點子

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