Fashion Buddy

【免費生活App】Fashion Buddy-APP點子

FASHION BUDDY is an app that will help you organise your wardrobe and also help you shop for that ideal outfit. It will keep track of how much money you will need to buy all the must have clothes you see in your favourite stores.

This app allows you to save details of your clothes in your wardrobe with pictures and also to save any clothes you see in stores. Clothes are split into common categories to make browsing easy. The clothes in your must have list are also split by the store you found them in so you can see which store to return to when you want to buy that item. One click from the item's edit screen will move the item from the must have list to your wardrobe list.

【免費生活App】Fashion Buddy-APP點子

The FASHION BUDDY app also has an outfit design screen that allows you to mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe with the clothes in your must have list to help you decide what to wear and what it will look like. You can match the shirt you have in your wardrobe with the skirt from one store with shoes from another. It also makes it easy to show your friends what you will be wearing to your next get together.

【免費生活App】Fashion Buddy-APP點子


- Mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe and must have list to work out what you want to wear and if buying that shirt will match the pants you already have?

- Catalogue clothes in your wardrobe

【免費生活App】Fashion Buddy-APP點子

- Keep track of clothes you must have, how much they cost and which store you found it in

- Totals how much all your must have clothes will cost to buy

- Easily see what clothes you liked in a store

【免費生活App】Fashion Buddy-APP點子

The trial version of FASHION BUDDY will limit the number of clothes you are allowed to save to 10 items.

【免費生活App】Fashion Buddy-APP點子

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