Fashionista Girl Hair Salon

【免費家庭片App】Fashionista Girl Hair Salon-APP點子

Do you want to own the chance to be a professional designer?

Now, the chance is coming! Fashionista Girl Professional Hair Salon will satisfy your willing!

【免費家庭片App】Fashionista Girl Hair Salon-APP點子

This fun game is great for you and your friends to enjoy and allows you to easily create the perfect hairstyle for your client. You can experience all the fun of being a hairstylist by cutting hair, coloring hair, and accessorize with colorful and decorative hair clips, even make her hair longer.What's more, you can stick different kinds of paster to her face. Do you want to have a try?


* Cut your hair altogether in a new feature - use scissors and other accessories for best outcome

【免費家庭片App】Fashionista Girl Hair Salon-APP點子

* Even use hair strengtheners and hair gels

* Countless accessories - hair clips, glitters and hair extensions

【免費家庭片App】Fashionista Girl Hair Salon-APP點子

* Show your hair styles with friends, and share on facebook or other different ways

* Free

【免費家庭片App】Fashionista Girl Hair Salon-APP點子

* Easy to play

What do you wait? Download it right away!

【免費家庭片App】Fashionista Girl Hair Salon-APP點子

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