Fast Caller (no ads)

【免費工具App】Fast Caller (no ads)-APP點子

NOTE: This is the ads free version of Fast Caller. Before install, uninstall the free version if you have it.

Fast Caller is a simple application that allows you to call your contacts in an easy and fast way.

The application provides you 16 buttons to associate with your desired contacts and icon labels, without do any operations on your device's original contacts or groups.


【免費工具App】Fast Caller (no ads)-APP點子

- To configure a button make a long click on it and select the voice "Configure button", select the desired contact, the telephone number and the label type.

- To switch configuration between two buttons make a long click on the first and select the voice "Switch button configuration", then click on the second button.

- To remove a configuration button make a long click on it and select the voice "Clear button configuration".

One a button is configured, one click on it will show the associated contact in the information text at top of the screen and a click on the "Call" or "Sms" button will start the phone call or the message composition.

For comments, reports, suggestions and so on, don't esitate to send an e-mail.


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