Fast Download Manager

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

Need to increase your download speed?

Want to have full control of all your downloads?

Are you tired of failed downloads?

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

Then Fast Download Manager is the perfect solution for you.

Fast Download Manager is a manager for all your downloads, allows you to easily:

* Download any file, no matter the size.

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

* Browse the web to find everything you need.

* Speed ??up the download process for very large files.

* Pause and erase downloads running.

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

* Resuming failed downloads.

* Open all the files that you downloaded from the application.

* All options in file management.

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

All these options and more integrated into a simple and friendly interface.

Supports different actions and settings download:

* Choose any condition for your downloads (with or without WIFI).

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

* Allow the maximum number of parallel downloads way you want.

* Choose if you want to download or while the application is closed.

Simply the best app to keep the control on your downloads, on the highest speed and stability possible.

【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Fast Download Manager-APP點子

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