Fast Games Racing

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Fast Games Racing has over 40 free games in one app! I have compiled my favorite online free games for your fun in one single App!

There are 3 Games available to play offline. It's a 3-in-1 game right from your mobile phone once downloaded!

Game 1-Block Game. Rotate the blocks to fit each other.

Game 2-Memory Game : Reveal the blocks to match similar pictures, test your memory!

Game 3-Puzzle Game. Move and shift each block to the correct place

Once you have completed each level, you will love this game alot!

Whats More!!! With an internet connection, check under More Games and you can find the most addictive and popular games available online. I have enjoyed the games and I would like to link you to them! Check it out and enjoy!

Try Fast Games Racing today and I promise you would love it. More games would be updated over time!

【免費解謎App】Fast Games Racing-APP點子

【免費解謎App】Fast Games Racing-APP點子

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