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【免費購物App】FastABuy - Buy . Sell . Social-APP點子

FastABuy is an online market place for selling and buying with your friends and neighbours.


Use Facebook to connect. Buy or Sell. New/Used Items.


Person to Person selling or buying. Know who you are dealing with.


Sell your item with your Facebook friends and neighbours.

Here is how to sell:

1. Upload a picture of the item.

【免費購物App】FastABuy - Buy . Sell . Social-APP點子

2. Enter a brief title and description.

3. Enter the price you want to sell. Post it.

4. Promote it on Facebook.

Thats it. Your item is posted on facebook for all your friends to buy or share it with their friends.

See how quickly you can sell your stuff online.

Here is how you buy on Fastabuy:

Click on the item you want to buy.

Enter shipping details.

Pay the seller directly using Paypal.

Thats it. Can buying be any easier? Safe and secure.

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