This application requires OSX and WiFi. FastBoard is an application which operates by linking to the user’s Desktop, and as a result currently requires OSX versions 10.5 later. This means that the application is not compatible with OSX 10.4 or below, or with Windows or Linux operating systems.


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■ What is FastBoard?

FastBoard is a high-speed, efficient file viewing and transfer application that operates between the user’s OSX Desktop and iPad. The application works in conjunction with OSX-specific software [FastBoard for OSX]. FastBoard allows users to quickly and easily transfer files between their Desktop and iPad by simply dragging and dropping the desired file(s).

■ Features of FastBoard and FastBoard for OSX:

- Simple file transfer and display performed by just dragging & dropping (no cables, no special settings).

- Drag & drop URLs as well as iTunes links.

- Files transferred to iPad can then be viewed using other applications.

- Transfer of multiple files in rapid succession.

- Simultaneously transfer files to multiple iPad units.


- Permits password and security functionality when connecting and accessing the user’s Desktop.

- Print files directly from the iPad by registering FastBoard for OSX via the PDF options in your OSX’s [Print] settings.

- Bring scanned PDF’s directly onto the iPad by registering FastBoard for OSX with the compatible application, ScanSnap.

■Making the most of FastBoard:

- View websites, prepared materials and a variety of content on your iPad from a convenient location on or near your desk space.

- Bring images and movies transferred from the computer in your home office directly into the living room to enjoy with the family on your iPad.

- Carry important content and materials created on your personal computer into the board room to share via your iPad in business meetings.

- Purchase new iPad applications in 1 easy step while browsing the web (when transferring iTunes links).

■ File formats compatible with FastBoard:

- Image files (gif, png, jpg, jpeg, tiff)

- Video files (m4v, mp4, mov)

- Audio files (mp3, wav, aiff, aac)


- PDF files

- Text files

- iWork '09 document files (key, numbers, pages) (only files created by iWork'09)

- Microsoft Office document files (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)

- Web page files (.html, .htm)


- iTunes links

■ Future plans for FastBoard:

- FastBoard for iPhone

- Sending & receiving of files between devices with FastBoard (iPad, iPhone)

- Boost file-viewing functionality

■ To get FastBoard for OSX or for further details please visit:



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