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Fayette County Memorial Hospital - Download this app for info on The Fayette County Memorial Hospital, get news, find out about events, get directions, give feedback , read blog, get patient & service info, connect with friends socially, get directions, give feedback, and much more.

Fayette County Memorial Hospital’s tradition of caring began in 1944 with a small group of civic minded individuals who sought to provide the community with a modern, well equipped hospital. As a result of their dedication, Memorial Hospital, named in honor of the county’s servicemen and women of all wars, opened its doors on May 8, 1950. For over five decades, FCMH has been a part of this community. Our families, physicians and employees work here just as you and your family. We understand the importance good health plays in your life and we continually strive to provide you with the most advanced health care to help you enjoy life to the fullest.


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【免費健康App】Fayette Memorial Hospital-APP點子

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【免費健康App】Fayette Memorial Hospital-APP點子

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【免費健康App】Fayette Memorial Hospital-APP點子

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【免費健康App】Fayette Memorial Hospital-APP點子

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