Feather Live Wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Decorate your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone display with the amazing ➳Feather Live Wallpaper➳ now completely free of charge! This is a brand new Android™ application on the market, so hurry up and download it now, free of charge! Be the first to have wonderful HD wallpapers with colorful feathers on the display of your mobile phone or tablet. This magical Android free application is by far the best live wallpaper for your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, so waste no more time and get stunning “HD wallpapers” of beautiful and elegant plumes for your mobile phone display now. Be light as a feather and feel the calmness with ➳Feather Live Wallpaper➳.

Main features:

➳ The fascinating flower wallpaper is ideal for your new smartphone!

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

➳Cool 3D parallax effect!

➳ These high definition landscape images will mesmerize you!

➳ Refresh your screen with one of many cool natural background images!

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

➳ Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fully supported!

➳ Our free and girly pictures await you!

➳Follow the installation instructions:

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

➳ Choose from lots of different desktop images.

➳ HD graphics and open GL.

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

➳ The full control over the speed and density of glittering particles.

➳ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.

➳ When you do not use your phone, this live wallpaper will sleep and it will not wear your battery out.

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

➳ “Feather Live Wallpaper'' fully supports horizontal orientation and looks fantastic on both mobile phones and tablet devices.

Would you like to turn your new mobile phone or tablet into an elegant Android device? Do you want to show everyone how calm and sophisticated you are? If you are fond of simple and elegant live wallpapers for your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or tablet, then ➳Feather Live Wallpaper➳ has been designed especially for you! Download the wonderful “Feather Live Wallpaper” now free of charge and have amazingly beautiful HD wallpapers with beautiful white plumes or black plumes falling gracefully all around your display. Wonderful images of colorful floating feathers will make wonderful decoration for your mobile phone display. This is a brand new “feather wallpaper” on the market, so hurry up to your Android app store and get it now. If you are tired of your old wallpapers and have been looking for new ones, then look no more! Get these “feather background images” now for free and enjoy beautiful pictures of ostrich feathers, dove feathers or even peacock feathers! Amazing variety of colors and different kinds of feathers for you to enjoy on your phone display await you, so don’t waste any more of your precious time and download it now! Soon you will see that “plume live wallpaper” is your next favorite “free live wallpaper” for sure! Did you know that ostrich feathers make wonderful centerpieces for weddings and other special occasions? How about amazingly beautiful peacock feathers with its beautiful purple, green and dark blue colors? Nature really is amazing with all its wonders! Have wonderful “feather backgrounds” on your phone screen and be surrounded with stunning natural beauty every minute of your day. Shake your tail feathers!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

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【免費個人化App】Feather Live Wallpaper-APP點子

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