Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

Over 900,000 PencilBot preschool Feed Me! apps already downloaded! Compatible with iOS6 on iPhone 4 and later and iPad 2 and later, this 3.0 version comes with improved features for the best user experience.

One-stop shopping for your preschooler’s learning needs – whether learning basic knowledge and concepts for kindergarten readiness or learning a 1st, 2nd or multiple languages.

PencilBot preschool Feed Me! series is created by our team of teachers, game designers, and parents who have developed educational games for over 10 years.


【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

This simple, easy-to-use game can be enjoyed by children and their parents as they play along.

•Feed the little monster the correct “food” he is thinking of and unlock trophies for your achievements!

•Feed the monster the wrong item and he might get sick. But don’t worry; try the question again until you get it correct.

•Poke the monster for fun!

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子


•Separate log-in for up to 4 players, each with a personalized avatar

•Choose a level, complete a subject and win its trophy

•Fun questions on comprehensive early education concepts:

o200 questions on mathematical concepts (numbers, colors, shapes, etc.)

•Expanded animated Trophy Case to motivate preschoolers to challenge themselves

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

•Progress tracking

•Progress reporting

•Printable Diploma (requires AirPrint supported printer)

•Email-able Diploma


【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

Expand your vocabulary through images and words. Reinforce learning with audio and text.

Mathematical Concepts & More (initial download):

•Color and shape recognition

•Counting and number identification (0 – 20)

•Sorting and pattern recognition

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

•Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd…)

•Basic mathematical equations and concepts

•Simple time concepts in digital and analog displays

•Prepositions of location (in, out, under...)

•Weight and size concepts

Take advantage of your child’s natural ability to learn multiple languages. Check out our PencilBot preschool apps in these languages: US English, UK English, Mexican Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi and Hawaiian.

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子


Chosen as curriculum by eSpark Learning

… after a major vetting process, … we chose Feed Me! to be part of our curriculum! …a strong app for early childhood learners…its simplicity and all of the activities have audio support for non/early readers.


【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

Highly recommended by theikidsblog.com

"...an endless buffet of educational fun...fantastic animations...provides ongoing motivation to play - and learn...perfect for kids learning their first, second, or third language...opens up possibilities for all early language learners."


5 stars by Technology in (SPL) Education – AppyMall.com

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

This is a great preschool app…both engaging and entertaining for the 3-5 year old…the many great variety of questions can be divided into many different categories, including: colors, shapes, numbers, patterns, math, etc…a phenomenal job at keeping the learner engaged and wanting to feed the monster more!


We appreciate and listen to your feedback – please email us at feedme@pencilbot.com.

【免費教育App】Feed Me! 3.0 (French) - PencilBot Preschool-APP點子

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