FeedTso is born, the social feed reader that will change the way you read stuff on your Windows® Phone 7.

Special introductory price: till this summer, 50% discount on the standard price.

New in version 1.2: various performance improvements and fixed Trial Mode behavior.


Trial Mode is full featured, except it doesn't save Google Reader credentials between sessions.



FeedTso shows the contents that are more interesting for you. Each post is displayed with an image.

Not only it offers the possibility to share news via social network or save them on you favourite social bookmarking site, but, unique in its category, also shows the contents shared by your contacts.

The backgrounds of the application, the appealing graphics and great attention to detail are used to emphasize the content.


FeedTso will be constantly updated with new releases, and will become more and more customizable.

One of the next major updates will highlight the most interesting posts available, thanks to the analysis of the users’ behaviours on Google Reader

FeedTso Features:

FAVOURITES - A list of the labels that you used to organize your blogs’ subscriptions. You can see the first five with news available, or the label “All” that brings you to the list of all the labels with unread news.


You can also have a list of all the labels that you have on Google Reader, just to check if you have a lot of news and want to have all the situation under your control.

ITEMS SHARED BY FRIENDS - My Friends Space connects you with your contacts and friends and help you to stay in touch with them.

VIEW BY GROUP - All the blogs from a label are in the same view, with one blog per row: slide horizontally to see all their posts.


SHARE THE POST - Read the post inside or open it in the external browser, or save it for the future:

- Google Reader Starred items

- Instapaper

- Read It Later


Also you can share it with your friend on:

- Google Reader

- Twitter

- email


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