FierceHealthIT’s dedicated team of outstanding journalists deliver a true pulse of the health IT industry. No other daily digital publication delivers such a unique blend of news, analysis, interviews, commentary and information. Every day, our team of healthcare content experts comb through dozens of industry publications, daily newspapers and high-level research papers to deliver only the most relevant, need-to-know news of the moment. We interview the most important, innovative and disruptive leaders to ensure that readers are fully informed and plugged in to this fast-changing industry.

FierceHealthIT covers the topics and trends that healthcare executives need to know, including:

- Care delivery models

- Clinical information systems

- EMRs, Meaningful Use and CPOE

- Health information exchange


- Data analytics & predictive modeling

- Healthcare reform

- HIPAA and data security

- ICD-10

- Mobile health technologies & remote patient monitoring

- Strategic planning & leadership

- And more…


The FierceHealthIT App features:

Daily news and analysis to ensure readers have the most current, need-to-know information about the healthcare industry

Unrestricted access to our library of special reports and interviews with hospital C-Suite leaders

Push Notifications and Breaking News delivered directly to the reader’s device

“One-touch save” – Allows readers to easily “clip” and save stories


“Easy share” – Allows readers to seamlessly share FierceHealthIT content via email, IM, Twitter and LinkedIn

More than 50,000 health IT leaders and their teams turn to FierceHealthIT daily to provide vital information that informs their decisions about care delivery, IT investments, business strategy and resource allocation.

No fluff. No fillers. No re-written press releases. We provide readers with fresh, need-to-know content –- and never pull a fast one by passing off a “paid-to-play” sponsored article as “news.” Readers have thanked us for this.

What readers are saying about FierceHealthIT:

“Your newsletters provide me with the ability to skim highlights and deep-dive into details. Great job!”


“Fierce is the only daily subscription I maintain. It is of value and on-topic.”

“I have recommended your newsletter to colleagues. Very timely articles.”

“Great publication - pithy and concise. I really enjoy it and share it frequently with colleagues.”

“I have learned so much about upcoming trends in your articles.”


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