Fighter Plane 3D

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You guys need to Blow the air on screen to Fly the Airplane .This is very amazing game. You peoples will like it so much. Your wish will come true, in the event you dream to handle high-speed cohort plane! Welcome to the universe of navy having a new game Fighter Plane 3D that is superb!

An interesting experience to the display of your cellular devices according to Android! Now it is possible to become the most effective aviator quality.

Your airplane has cannons cohort latest version. It's possible for you to attack the enemy. Already starts morning, which means it is time for the significant mission navy! When landed his airplane on and ruin all enemy airplanes said website is the success!

【免費動作App】Fighter Plane 3D-APP點子

Fighter Plane 3D programmers have created not only a naturalistic landscape and morning, but the standard of battle aircraft machinists navy! With radar, it is possible to control the height. Simple for you to browse the sky.

Begin playing now! Don't hesitate to make use of tools and the weapons of direction, you then win the game Air Fighter 3D!


【免費動作App】Fighter Plane 3D-APP點子

- 3 simple, intuitive operation;

- Free!

- Qualitative machinists degrees of difficulty for experts and novices alike;

【免費動作App】Fighter Plane 3D-APP點子

- Strong blast images;

- Clear the game of battle fighter aircraft effects

【免費動作App】Fighter Plane 3D-APP點子

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