Financial Advisor

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

FINANCIAL ADVISOR - The ultimate decision support system for the household.

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

Our intuitive yet very powerful app will provide you with a strategic and forward-looking perspective on your finances helping you with an automatic yet very reliable budgeting tools.

Simply set the list of big purchases you need or are considering to buy and FINANCIAL ADVISOR will instantly give you the dates when you have enough cash for it without risking getting into debt or damaging savings.

As for regular items and essentials (those types of expenses, which you cannot cancel or postpone), the FINANCIAL ADVISOR does not make you waste your time planning for it manually. Instead it budgets them automatically based on the your past expenses data. As you track your expenses the tool learns your habits and becomes more accurate in its cash flow projections.

The tool gives an instant clear answer to your questions:

1) when is it possible for me to make particular purchases without cash flow risks?

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

2) how much money is really available for me to spend without threatening other planned items?


• Get a realistic and easy to read financial plan

• Make estimates on the go, evaluate various options, rearrange your financial priorities by one click without the struggle of cumbersome budget tables

• Get reasonable and cold-headed advice about

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

- vacation planning

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

- shopping expenditures

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

- saving for home repairs

【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

- considering a loan

• The app builds precise daily cash flow projections rather than popular rough month-to-month ones (as one needs food, gasoline and cell-phone everyday!)

• There are no nonsense graphs or cumbersome dashboards not providing any value

• Full expense tracking functionality: journals, reports, customizable expense types, cash reconciliations, export to CSV etc.

• No need to guess what your daily/monthly needs are (which is difficult and unreliable). You track what you spend, spend what you need, and automatically get a truly realistic budget. Don’t waste your time on budgeting food or gas - you can’t say “no” when you need it anyway.

• Very intuitive graphic presentation of prospective cash flow

• Support of all currencies

• Up to 10 years planning horizon


【免費財經App】Financial Advisor-APP點子

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