Find Health

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子

Find Health is the most complete application to find all the places that lets take care of your health.


- get places for: hospital, doctor, dentist, physiotherapist and optical shop.

- get places around your GPS location(1 to 50 km range radius)

- get places in the world(city, state and country)

- get map with all found places

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子

- get pictures and reviews of selected place

- filter by category

- order by name, categories, distance, rating or checkin

- search by name(place)


- display places list: Name, address, category, checkin, rating, distance and icon by category

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子

- display place: Map location, route directions, photos, reviews, users count, checkins and likes.

- display list of nearby recommended places: picture, Name, address, category, checkin, rating, distance and icon by category

- display photos: photo and author name

- display reviews: text and author name


- English

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子

- Spanish

- Portuguese

database places:

- Foursquare

- Google

- Nokia

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子


- Access your location

private information:

- No private information is requested

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子




- All information shown on the application are taken directly from the databases of Foursquare, Google and Nokia. We are not responsible for them.

【免費健康App】Find Health-APP點子

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