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Finding your local farmers markets shouldn't be a chore.

With that in mind we took all of the farmer's markets in the US (courtesy of the USDA), find your current location, and show you not only where the markets nearby are but also what they have to offer, the times & days they are open, and even give you directions with the help of google maps.

This early version includes:

- Automatically display your location (blue pin) and map all of the market nearby

- Clicking on a market pulls up additional information like....

- Address

【免費旅遊App】Find My Farmers Markets-APP點子

- Phone Number

- Website

- Facebook page

- Products

- Other features include:

- The ability to edit/update the markets info (hours, address, seasons, etc)

- Google maps directions from your current location to the selected market

- Mobile directions to share with friends - just scan the qr code!

Go to to see the full version in action - complete with multiple city/state searches and a searchable/sort-able table of all markets in the state and the option to map any selected location.

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