FindMeHere Premium

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The quickest and easiest way to help your friends find you!

This app allows you to quickly send your exact current GPS location, or send the GPS location of your choosing, via standard text messaging services. Phone numbers can be entered manually or can be chosen from your contacts list. The recipient can use any map application as well as the web to navigate to the sent location, regardless of the type of phone they have (Even if it is not an Android phone).

- Perfect for tailgating

- Can send the GPS location to yourself to find your way back to your car

【免費社交App】FindMeHere Premium-APP點子

- Great if you constantly forget where you live

- Find friends in crowded places, such as outdoor concerts

【免費社交App】FindMeHere Premium-APP點子

- Send your GPS location from home to invite people over for a party

If you have ever told somebody to meet you by the large red tent, to the right of the telephone pole, next to the guy grilling burgers, and two texts, six phone calls, and an hour and a half later you've realized your friend has given up all hope and decided to go hang out with their friend who has already downloaded the FindMeHere app, then this app is tailor made for YOU! Download now so you can send your GPS location to your friend and never let this happen to you ever again!

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