Fine Bagpipes Tuner

【免費音樂App】Fine Bagpipes Tuner-APP點子

Some time ago I had request by musicions to create tuner for bagpipes. I read the theory and created this app "Fine Bagpipes Tuner". However I am not a bagpipes player and I don't even have a bagpipes to test - I did the testing using my ukuleles :) So consider this app as an alpha version and please if you are bagpipes player send me some feedback so I can improve it.

Fine BagpipesTuner is a chromatic instrument tuner that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instrument using the built-in mic in your Android device. Features nice and clean interface allowing you to quickly find your pitch.

The bagpipes tuner is fine adjusted for the 80 Hz - 1000 Hz.

【免費音樂App】Fine Bagpipes Tuner-APP點子

This is automatic chromatic tuner that supports every screen size. Fine Bagpipes Tuner works well with devices supporting 44100 16 bit audio input (almost every phone and tablet in mid - high price range) and 22050 16 bit audio input. It still works with the other possible settings but not so accurate.


- Bagpipes mode and Clasic mode (standart A440)

- A frequency sellection from 400 to 500Hz

【免費音樂App】Fine Bagpipes Tuner-APP點子

- Automatic note selection

- Ultra responsive -50 to +50 cent range fine tuning display

- Precise to ±1/100 semitone (±1 cent)

【免費音樂App】Fine Bagpipes Tuner-APP點子

- Analog like needle

- Exact frequency display.

- Clean and simple analog like UI

【免費音樂App】Fine Bagpipes Tuner-APP點子

- Keep screen on while working.

- Works in noisy surroundings

This tuner uses a musicrecognition technology by

【免費音樂App】Fine Bagpipes Tuner-APP點子

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