Fingers the Card Game

【免費紙牌App】Fingers the Card Game-APP點子

Fingers is a trick taking card game very similar to: Forty-Five, Forte Fives, Auction Forty-Fives, Auction 120s, 120, Growl, Spoil Five, Maw, and Strong Fives. It also shares several things in common with Bridge, Hearts and Spades.

After a round of betting/bidding on the number of tricks each player thinks they will take, the real game begins. In each round, every player will play one card in turn with the highest card winning the trick. The ultimate goal for a player is to make their bet exactly, while also trying to make their opponents miss theirs.

There is a significant amount of strategy involved as the number of cards dealt, the trump suit, the number of players and their respected goals are all variable in each hand.

Multi-player support coming soon.

【免費紙牌App】Fingers the Card Game-APP點子

【免費紙牌App】Fingers the Card Game-APP點子

【免費紙牌App】Fingers the Card Game-APP點子

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