Finland Travel Guide

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Finland has so much to offer, snowy winters, pleasantly warm summers and colourful spring and autumn. Lapland is the most snow guaranteed place in the Europe. Not only the climate but also Finns are considered to be cool,a bit quiet and reserved at first, but after a little time you will know them as warm, friendly, hospitable and especially honest people.

The ultimate travel guide comes to your Android, with offline viewing. This guide has:

- all the must see locations, including pictures, details and an offline map

- all the country info you need to know before you go

- all the annual events you should go to if you can

【免費旅遊App】Finland Travel Guide-APP點子

- an offline version of the wikitravel page

- the current local time

- the exchange rate

【免費旅遊App】Finland Travel Guide-APP點子

- the local weather

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