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Mobile Inspections is designed to increase the productivity of your inspectors in the field, while maximizing agency revenue. This complete, untethered solution is available for iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

Inspection results, including violations, update the EZFire Records Inspection and Permits modules immediately (or syncs as soon as a WiFi or cellular connection is re-established). When an unscheduled inspection is required the inspector can download the property record in the field without having to return to the station.

The results are increased productivity, more timely and accurate inspection reporting, and better service to your customer. Signed inspection reports are immediately available to business owners and other customers.

With EZFire Records Mobile Inspections, your inspectors can:

-Use the tablet touchscreen to select an assigned building or hydrant inspection directly from the map, or from a list of inspections due

【免費生產應用App】Fire Mobile-APP點子

-View the complete premise registration record and make any necessary updates Select the appropriate inspection type (including re-inspection) from a dropdown list

-Streamline re-inspection activity. All current violations for a location are automatically displayed and can be marked as abated or updated for re-inspection

-Easily record multiple violations of the same type without duplicate reentry of the code

【免費生產應用App】Fire Mobile-APP點子

-Touch a single onscreen button to record a "No Violations Found" inspection

-Record penalty amounts at the time of the inspection based on codes and standards you currently use

-Add remarks to the record at any time using the tablet's onscreen keypad (or Bluetooth keyboard), with the option to include or omit the remarks on the violation notice

【免費生產應用App】Fire Mobile-APP點子

-Capture the signature of the owner/representative directly on the tablet (the inspector's signature is already stored)

-Email the signed report or print on-site to a Bluetooth printer

More Benefits

EZ FireRecords Mobile Inspections for Tablets is:

-Easy to Learn and Use: Intuitive navigation and built-in inspections workflow presents the user with the next appropriate screen, making EZFire Records Mobile Inspections easy to learn and use.

【免費生產應用App】Fire Mobile-APP點子

-Secure: Secure login and data encryption protects property and owner information from unauthorized access if the tablet is lost or stolen.

-More Efficient: With the map interface, your inspectors will make a logical and fast progression from one inspection to the next.

The Mobile Inspections for Tablets solution will work only with Enterprise RMS edition with has license for Inspection through remote services.

【免費生產應用App】Fire Mobile-APP點子

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