FireFighter doo-dad

【免費醫療App】FireFighter doo-dad-APP點子

**ATTENTION** Having trouble installing this doo-dad? Please read below.

What is a doo-dad? A doo-dad is a widget that sole purpose is to add a little bling to your screen without having to change your background or theme. Do you have the perfect wallpaper or theme but it is missing some little something to set it off? That's where doo-dads come in. Doo-dads come in various sizes and put very little drain on your battery.

To Install:

1. Purchase, download and install

【免費醫療App】FireFighter doo-dad-APP點子

2. Go to blank area on screen and long hold (press and hold)

3. When menu comes up select Widgets

【免費醫療App】FireFighter doo-dad-APP點子

4. Look for the doo-dad you installed and select it

Your doo-dad should appear on the screen. If you would like to move it around just press and long hold until you see the doo-dad increase in size then move it to where you want it.

Our graphics department stepped it up a notch when they created this beautiful emblem.

Everybody's screen needs a doo-dad!


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