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OFFLINE EMERGENCY TOOL build up on 100 of thousands real life processed emergency situations over the past two years. A unique search that is build for you, for every person. Please take some time to explore the app before emergency happen.

Comprehensive Medical Health Guide & symptom checker. 24/7 access to health information and decision-support tools

+ Now features a simplify quick links for easy First Aid and Emergency Medical content access and Symptoms Checker.

+ Natural search, based on comprehensive our search engine (with evaluating local conditions, medical history, signs & symptom and more), excludes 'self diagnose' and rare deceases.

+ Ranking emphasis on Medical First Aid and life threatening conditions and is result of about a million real time searches performed. Outdoors, home and car medical topics. + Internet connectivity is not required, after init sync for the medical articles.

+ Our content is original (no infomercials), 100% written and edited by MDs. We are not compromising with the medical content quality.

+ Based on our custom platform, we provide a real solutions to life situations by professional ER team.


AR First Aid features :

~ Quick links

【免費醫療App】First Aid Lite-APP點子

~ Content is available off-line, no connectivity required after the initial sync

~ Natural search

~ Voice Search

~ Multi symptoms and signs checker

~ Articles are written for the purpose of this application and to help in mobile non hospital conditions.

~ Emergency medical conditions ranking. Using a proprietary symptom medical chart and custom AI to rank. AI auto - improvements based on the current usage data, symptoms, signs vitals and much more.

~ Emergency, life threatening and every day conditions. Most home medical remedies are covered. We are adding more and improving our existing articles based on the current usage data. Daily. Our app does not try to diff diagnose, It can't replace your MD opinion.

~ Medical Profile, used to rank search for First Aid and more

【免費醫療App】First Aid Lite-APP點子

~ Articles specifically written for the application, not 'paid by' infomercials.

~ We constantly expand our database with more and more medical data. Wide variety of answers for new non-emergency conditions/cases are added every day.


Cant be moved on SD due to copyright protection.

Our Emergency Respond application is aimed to help untrained users to recognize and react to a medical situation. It is sometimes crucial to identify the most probable cause, depending on patient condition and medical history. We incorporate a separate time/location factors in order to rank the result set.

AR First Aid features a comprehensive search engine which evaluates the search inquiry for known combinations of symptoms, signs, and conditions. Our basic IA ranks possible causes and identifies potentially dangerous situations given the patient medical history. AR First AID shows a specific steps to perform for most common home/outdoor/sport conditions and injuries in plain language. Supported media includes videos, images and step by step instructions. In certain cases, when we need to further differentiate, additional options will be presented.

Emergency rarely happened when we expect them.

Last but not least, we try to find a medical professional or service near by. We are NOT affiliated to or profit from such services.


【免費醫療App】First Aid Lite-APP點子

AR First Aid team are looking forward to bring the best experience and constantly updating the medical databases. If you can help us with the medical researches and articles, please let us know we are ready to give a credit where is due.

【免費醫療App】First Aid Lite-APP點子

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