Fitness War Pro

【免費健康App】Fitness War Pro-APP點子

【The world over millions of users Daily use this Fitness games】

【First social and exercise software in the world, applying time breaks】

1.Appstore Health&Fitness; for Japan Top Free No.1

2.Appstore Health&Fitness; for China Top Free No.1

3.China Bang Entrepreneurial Arena Top No.4

4.China Entrepreneur magazine of Dark Horse Competition Top 20

5.Global Mobile Internet Union(GMIU) : The Year's Best Application.

★ Features


1. Portable Wii Fit

2. Many sports medicine specialists involved in the design of the sports library

3. The sports' categories have more than 50 kinds.

4. Applicable to female users for thin waist, lean belly, thin thighs, thin buttocks and so on.

5. More exercise can not only earn gold coin, and also can be exchanged for various items.

6. Global product, English "Fitness War Pro", Chinese "瘦身战争 Pro", Japanese "ダイエット大作戦 Pro".

★In the abstract


【免費健康App】Fitness War Pro-APP點子

Beauty is a woman's nature, have attractive figure has been a vast number of women in the pursuit of goals.

Thin, a woman forever topic.

Do you envy other's hot figure?

Do you wish to be a thin beauty one day?

Do you feel alone on the long way of weight loss.

★Fitness war★ is a game for downsizing and social sense of the body for the female users, by using fragments of time, from the waist, abdomen, legs and many other aspects to help women solve the problem of reshaping the body. A war without smoke of gunpowder is about to pull open prelusive.



This is a application developed for the person who has busy working, fast pace of life, and less physical exercise, but extreme desire for healthy and fitness.

This is a simple easy action, will be able to achieve the fitness effect, has a perfect body sport software.

This is a social games that you can do exercise, at the same time can interact with your friends happily.

★Product Content


By setting your height, weight and automatically based on BMI calculates your body mass index.

Through the expected weight, precisely calculated movement time, developed for a complete fitness plan.

Through the thin waist, thin hip, thin legs, and other different types of movement, to meet the different needs of women.

【免費健康App】Fitness War Pro-APP點子

Through daily exercise, automatic track generation fat consumption curve, let your own sport results at a glance.

Through your efforts every day, to challenge your friends and to see who is the sport master, so that let you and your friends love sports.

Done through the target and help you get a healthy exercise habits, stick to it, you will have a perfect body.

Does not need to take out the whole block of time, need only work intermittently of leisure you spare few seconds, it can be enjoyable to complete exercise tasks. At the same time, you can encourage your friends, come with your campaign!!!

Love life, love sports. You will enjoy the experience of the pleasant feeling of movement, making the campaign be a part of your life, helping you develop a good habits every day!!!

★Reference materials


《The lancet》 Exercise everyday reduces the death by 14%; 15minutes exercise everyday can keep you healthy and extend life by 3 years;

Healthy life style and moderate exercise can reduce high BP by 55%, reduce stroke by 75%, cancer by 1/3, and extend life obviously; while Need less than 10% of the medical costs, and improve life quality immensely.



Thanks for reading them, and we will continuously improve our product and bring better interactive feeling.

Your suggestion and feedback will be highly valued, and we will collect opinion regularly to update version.

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【免費健康App】Fitness War Pro-APP點子

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【免費健康App】Fitness War Pro-APP點子

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