Flappy Pig

【免費街機App】Flappy Pig-APP點子

Whoever said pigs couldn't fly was wrong! This little piggy can! Through a strange mutation, this flappy pig grew wings. Now it's up to you to help flappy pig escape the farm. The journey won't be easy, the farmer has put up a lot of fences and you must guide flappy pig through them to freedom! See if you have what it takes to save this little flappy piggy.

- Tap the screen to keep flappy pig in the air

【免費街機App】Flappy Pig-APP點子

- Post your high scores to a global leaderboard with Google Games

- Simple gameplay

【免費街機App】Flappy Pig-APP點子

- Difficult to fly flappy pig through the fences

- Oldschool graphics

【免費街機App】Flappy Pig-APP點子

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