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【免費社交App】Flares - Mobile Signals-APP點子

Flares is a new mobile messaging service that enables you to shoot visual signals to your friends and family to let them know exactly where you are - when it matters to them the most. The signal works just like a real flare! Flares are accessible for 60 minutes after sending and viewable for up to 40 seconds before expiring from the recipient’s phone. Use them to indicate a meeting spot, let everyone know you’re running late, pester a sibling to get a move on, coordinate drop-off and pick-up locations… Flares can be used anytime you need to quickly send a signal that you care.


• Use 1-flick firing for instant location updates

【免費社交App】Flares - Mobile Signals-APP點子

• Fire flares to groups of friends in seconds

• Send unlimited flares for free

• Be creative: A flare can mean whatever you choose

• Much safer to use while walking, multitasking, or driving: no texting required

【免費社交App】Flares - Mobile Signals-APP點子

Sometimes where you are communicates just about everything a loved one needs to know. With Flares, you can send location updates to individuals or several friends at a time. You’ll receive an alert when your flare has been seen or when it’s expired unseen after an hour. When you return to the app, your last flare recipient is pre-loaded for 1-tap message sending, which is particularly convenient if you’re walking, running, or multitasking.

Flares is about hyper-relevant, real-time communication. Shoot flares to update friends when you’ve arrived at a party, notify parents when kids are ready to be picked up, or tell loved ones when you’re stuck in traffic.

Shoot flares, not texts.

【免費社交App】Flares - Mobile Signals-APP點子

For comment or feedback please contact us at feedback@flaresapp.com

【免費社交App】Flares - Mobile Signals-APP點子

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