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【免費媒體與影片App】Flash Free Video Player-APP點子

This Flash Free Video Player supports to play many popular formats of movies directly. We could get access to all videos in our SD card to manage.


We could get a list of videos in different format for free. Press one movie and we could get access to such operation as open, delete and share. Also we could choose to add to favorite or private. Scanning, sort and recent functions could be available to us for free.

【免費媒體與影片App】Flash Free Video Player-APP點子


At first, this free app is only a movie player for us. It can play such files as avi, mp4 and flv directly. Also you could enjoy your files in mkv, 3gp and rm here for free.


【免費媒體與影片App】Flash Free Video Player-APP點子

We could get access to change the size of the screen and add subtitle onto the movie as we wish.

Lock button makes volume keys into progress controller. And menu key can unlock the lock screen.

Pull the left or right side of the screen, and we could set the brightness and volume as we wish.

【免費媒體與影片App】Flash Free Video Player-APP點子

Today, this free app Flash Free Video Player can also bring us a music player.

We could play any popular format of the songs here directly. Such formats as wma, wav and mp3 could be available to us for free. We can change to the next song or last song.

Also we could set the brightness, volume for the songs.

【免費媒體與影片App】Flash Free Video Player-APP點子

This free application Flash Free Video Player supports to play music or movies directly here. We can have a lot of fun with Android mobiles and tablets. You will love this free video player with music player. If you like it, please give us 5 stars to support us.

【免費媒體與影片App】Flash Free Video Player-APP點子

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