Flashlight Mini

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

Incredibly simple and yet very powerful flashlight application - Flashlight Mini. Will use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a flashlight.


+ Widget to turn on/off your flashlight

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

+ Flashlight does not turn off when the screen is off

+ Use your screen light as a flashlight

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

+ Use notification to instantly turn off the flashlight

+ Led Brightness setting for most HTC devices

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

+ Widget styles include the look and feel of AOSP Jellybean and Gingerbread widgets

Flashlight mode uses your devices flash/led as a light source. With one button press your device becomes a flashlight. With this app you will always have a flashlight with you.

Screenlight mode uses your device screen as a flashlight. This mode sets the brightness of the devices screen to highest setting and draws white background. Screenlight is useful if your device does not have camera led/flash.

Widget gives you control to instantly turn on/off the flashlight from your home screen.

App was tested on these devices:

Samsung Galaxy S2(international)

Samsung Galaxy S3

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

Samsung Galaxy S4

Htc Wildfire S

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

Htc Evo 3D

Htc One

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

Nexus One

Nexus 4

【免費工具App】Flashlight Mini-APP點子

Nexus 5

We are working on updates to support more devices.

Please send your feature requests and device requests to  our support email.

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