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Speed through the farthest reaches of Outer Space, blasting and shielding and collecting all the energy you can to power up and take down the invading Vellanoid Armada!

In Fleet of One you are the biggest ship in the game. You are the biggest, baddest boss. You are a fleet of one. Your ship fills the width of the screen, with 5 massive blasters to face down the Vellanoids. Controls are simple - tap to fire at enemies, swipe to shield against incoming bullets, and collect the energy pods that enemies drop.

As you gain energy, you gain power, but you also gain speed. Are your reflexes up to the challenge?

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子


* Responsive precision controls!

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* Intense arcade gameplay

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* 18 epic stages

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* 3 legendary boss fights

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* Newly rebalanced Easy mode

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* Challenging Normal difficulty

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* Completely remixed Extreme difficulty mode - only for the most hardcore

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* Dynamic beats by the incomparable Card on Spokes

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子


* “Fleet of one looks and sounds great, has pinpoint controls and plays like a bat out of hell.” 8/10, Gearburn

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* “Fleet of One lets a player have all the fun of blowing things out of the sky without the tedious tasks of flying.” 4.5/5, 148apps

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* “…a great, challenging and unusual action that was a lot of fun for me to play.” 8/10, Android Rundown

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* “Fleet of One is in my top 5 mobile games of the year.” – Michael Deneen, December 2013

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子

* "We play looking for that perfect experience, that one moment inside a game that defines it as a must-have title. FOO is that game, filled with perfect moments from start to finish." - Steven Norris

【免費街機App】Fleet of One SD LITE-APP點子


* Purchase the full awesome experience in Fleet of One HD

* Buy the complete adrenaline ride in Fleet of One SD

* Play 5 stages for free in Fleet of One HD Lite

* Try 5 stages for free in Fleet of One SD Lite


* www.fleetofone.com

* www.splitsecondstudios.co.uk

* www.polymorph.co.za

* www.cardonspokes.com

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