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Program your ECII Flex Emergency Phone quickly and easily with Flex Android from Fältcom.

Flex Android keeps track of all necessary codes so you only need to focus on how the phone should be programmed.

Memorizing all DTMF codes is now a thing of the past.

Choose between simply and advanced programming mode.

Simple programming mode is a step by step guide for programming your ECII Flex while advanced mode allows more freedom and options.

【免費工具App】Flex Android-APP點子

Once you have chosen your configuration Flex Android will add all your DTMF codes to a phone call. Flex Android can’t initiate the call so you will need to push the “call” button.

The call will connect to your installed ECII emergency phone and dial the DTMF codes. The call will automatically close when all codes have been sent.

Fält Communications AB is a telecommunications company that supplies hardware and software solutions for elevator emergency systems and machine-to-machine communications.

【免費工具App】Flex Android-APP點子

Flex Android only works with our emergency phones named Fältcom ECII Flex

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