Flexica Tracer

【免費工具App】Flexica Tracer-APP點子

Misplaced your phone somewhere? (or it just got stolen)

Your volume is also turned off?

Send an sms (e.g. Start find) to your phone,

so Flexica Tracer can turn on the volume

and start making noise.

Still don't hear it?

Maybe you forgot it somewhere else.

Send an sms (e.g. Start location) to your phone,

so you can receive an accurate (within 10 meter)

【免費工具App】Flexica Tracer-APP點子

google maps link by sms.

Via the settings menu you can alter

the activationcode to your preference.

You can also define an alternate gsm number.

This alternate number will receive an sms when

the simcard got changed.

To setup this feature:

-go to settings

-enter alternate phonenumber

-check "set serial check to current slotted simcard"

【免費工具App】Flexica Tracer-APP點子

-click save

Whenever somebody changes the simcard and reboots the phone,

Flexica Tracer will send an sms with details of the new simcard to the alternate number.

Flexica Tracer is best used in combination with Android's pattern lock.

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