Flight For Life Central

【免費音樂App】Flight For Life Central-APP點子

FLIGHT FOR LIFE Central is intended primarily for use by first responders, fire and EMS agencies, 911 dispatch centers, law enforcement, and hospitals in the Flight For Life service area throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

The GPS function instantly alerts Flight For Life of your location while we verify aircraft availability and ETA, ensuring that the ICS/or usual dispatch process remains in place.

【免費音樂App】Flight For Life Central-APP點子

Flight For Life Central also provides additional functions and important reference information for medical and trauma emergencies, including:

– Educational references and course information

【免費音樂App】Flight For Life Central-APP點子

– Flight For Life’s website as well as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages

【免費音樂App】Flight For Life Central-APP點子

– Flight For Life contact information and more

【免費音樂App】Flight For Life Central-APP點子

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