Flight Status Pro

【免費旅遊App】Flight Status Pro-APP點子

Flight Status Pro is a powerful flight tracking application for all flights worldwide. The Pro version comes with TripIt & Mocha.co integration, flight notifications and more.

Check flight delays, view arrival and departure times, terminal and gate numbers, baggage claim info and much more. App also supports multiple zoom-able map styles.

You can check the status of the flights by Flight Number or by Route. The Trips module lets you save and track flights.

Here are the key highlights of this application...


* Check the status of all flights worldwide

* Supports 4300+ Airports and 1200+ Airlines

* Displays Terminal, Gate & Baggage Claim Information

* Provides estimates for Arrival, Takeoff and Landing

* Provides information about Flight Delays & Cancellations

* Flight notifications that inform you about all changes about your flights

【免費旅遊App】Flight Status Pro-APP點子

* Searches flights by Flight Number & Route

* Check Flight Status for worldwide flights 1 year in advance by flight number


* Zoomable Maps for all flights worldwide

* Two Map Style options available to choose from

* Maps available for individual flights as well as flights between two airport


* Trips module lets you manages your flights

* Integrates with TripIt. You can download all flights from your TripIt account

* Integrates with Mocha.co to sync your flight information across various devices and web

and much more...

The information displayed in this app is gathered from FlightStats.com which is a very reliable sources of information for tracking flights.

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