Floating Image Slideshow

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Images are flowing by on your screen in a steady stream. Animated 3D image gallery, Live Wallpaper and Photo Frame. Supports Flickr, Phone, Picasa, 500px, Photobucket, rss and Facebook. Try pressing "Menu". Lots of exciting stuff behind that button!

This wallpaper does not include images, but uses one from your Gallery or SD card. Make your Android come alive with this cool free live wallpaper slideshow. Choose a folder to cycle photos as your wallpaper at defined intervals. Create Slideshow with your photos. Floating Image Slideshow lets you create your own slide shows with Photo's from phone Gallery.

Live wallpaper uses battery. If you want it to use less battery, there are a couple of things you can do:

* Disable shadows.

* Use local images only.

* Decrease the floating speed.


Disallow nudity: if some sneak in anyway, the service is at fault.

Fade to black when full screen: fade background to all black when in full screen mode

【免費通訊App】Floating Image Slideshow-APP點子

Click once to deselect image: if on a single click deselects an image. Double click bring up the menu.

Black outline: put a black outline around images. Remove this for better performances

Decorate images: show shadows and glow behind images

Use high-res thumbnails: experimental: this might crash your phone! high res devices only.

Speed: how fast do the images traverse the screen

Background color: the color behind the floating images

Position of clock: where should the time be displayed

Show clock above image: should the time be shown above or below the images

Save path: where should download images be saved

Live wallpapers: manage live wallpapers to set floating image as wallpaper

【免費通訊App】Floating Image Slideshow-APP點子

This application cannot read your sms/mms's! This also means that this application cannot show images from your texts.

If you like Floating Image Slideshow, please leave a comment and check out our other free apps. If you think you have found a bug or have any questions, please check the website and/or send an email. Please contact me by mail if you run into errors! Otherwise I cannot correct them.

【免費通訊App】Floating Image Slideshow-APP點子

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