Florida DMV Test 2014

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~100% Pass Guarantee~

We guarantee you will pass your written knowledge test if you do all the questions on this app. If you fail your written knowledge test, we will refund your full amount.

Do you want to spend only a few hours studying and still pass your Florida DMV Test on the first try? This app is professionally designed specifically for the State of Florida. All the practice questions are based on the latest Florida DMV Driver's Manual. 3 test modes are available to suite your individual learning style. Don't waste time and money writing the Florida Class E Test again and again. Study for your Florida DMV Test right now on your Android Phone and Tablet!


- 258 Florida DMV sample test questions including 100 Traffic Signs Questions

- The latest 2014 Florida DMV test questions are available in this app

- The questions are divided into 19 different topics, including Alcohol and Drugs, Common Signs, Lane Changes, etc

- Questions are generated randomly

- You can choose from 3 options: Random Questions, Incorrectly Answered Questions, and Not attempted Questions

- You can now track how many question you have done correctly, incorrectly, and not attempted

【免費教育App】Florida DMV Test 2014-APP點子

Option to review all the Florida DMV test questions if you don't want to take the quiz

- Easiest way to get started on your Florida driver's license

- Simulates the 20 question Florida written knowledge test

- This app works offline, no internet required

Test Result

- View your test results

- Find out what questions you've done wrong after taking the test

- Displays the time used for each question, answer chosen and correct answer

Track your progress

- Right and wrong counter built into the test

*Disclaimer: This app is for general information only. Nothing in this app is intended to provide legal advice or to be relied on as binding in any dispute, claim, action, demand or proceeding.

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