Florida Palm Trees

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This is a one-stop app that provides expert advice and tips on how to grow and care for palm trees. It also has a large database of palm trees with detailed profiles and photos for each tree.

With over 2,500 different palm tree species in the world it can be hard to pick the right palm for your garden. Let us help you create a tropical oasis of your dreams. In this app you will learn:

*How to choose a palm tree

*How to plant a palm tree

*How to care for palm trees

*Top 10 palm tree transplanting mistakes

【免費生活App】Florida Palm Trees-APP點子

*5 Important palm tree watering Q&A

*How to prevent palm tree from nutritional deficiency

*How to identify palm trees

*Top 10 palm tree care mistakes

【免費生活App】Florida Palm Trees-APP點子

*15 Most popular palm trees

*and much more.

【免費生活App】Florida Palm Trees-APP點子

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