Flying Penguin

【免費休閒App】Flying Penguin-APP點子

Flying Penguin

The ice land is full of flying penguin, and it’s a great chance – let’s go hunting! The Penguin Shooter has to load your gun, aim carefully and make a perfect shot in a stipulated time frame.

Your sniper’s career starts today – show, what you are the best sniper! Choose your favorite weapon, shoot Penguin and score point – reach the high-score!

HOW TO PLAY: Choose your favorite weapon and shoot Penguin.

The flying penguin will fly from anywhere at different speed. Aim and shoot fast.

Flying Penguin Features:

* A lot of different weapon – choose your favorite and shoot like pro;

【免費休閒App】Flying Penguin-APP點子

* Shoot them all;

* Different bonuses and anti-bonuses: shoot carefully;

【免費休閒App】Flying Penguin-APP點子

* Time challenge game: be quick and accurate.

Let’s start our exciting hunting – enjoy playing Flying Penguin and shoot all the Penguins, good luck!

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