FontTalk for Facebook

【免費通訊App】FontTalk for Facebook-APP點子

FontTalk is a messenger you can talk freely with your Facebook friends.

Especially, you can talk to you friends in Encoding Chatting Mode allowing you to chat secretly.

Secret Talk protects your privacy!

【免費通訊App】FontTalk for Facebook-APP點子

Shh~! Talk secretly in Secret Talk~!

★★★ Main Features ★★★

★ Chat in unique fonts (Some fonts are not free)

★ Supports multiple languages including Korean, Japanese, English, etc.

★ Font color selection

【免費通訊App】FontTalk for Facebook-APP點子

★ Notification on replies

★ Encoded chatting mode and auto-decoded chatting mode when received

★ Favorites on friends

【免費通訊App】FontTalk for Facebook-APP點子

★ Purchase various contents with stars and eggs

★ Supports various kinds of stickers and dingbat

[Customer Service]

☞ Questions or suggestions

【免費通訊App】FontTalk for Facebook-APP點子

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