Food Vision (Nutrition) - Full

【免費健康App】Food Vision (Nutrition) - Full-APP點子

Food Vision is a food image library. It is useful both as a nutritional guide and as a rehabilitation resource for stroke and aphasia patients.

【免費健康App】Food Vision (Nutrition) - Full-APP點子

The application is predicated on the idea that we have an innate ability to recognize the food that is nutritious for us when we see it. By paying closer attention to the signs our bodies give us when seeing a particular food item, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be speedily addressed without resorting to expert assistance. Browse the categories of food images when you start feeling hungry and discover the dietician within!

【免費健康App】Food Vision (Nutrition) - Full-APP點子

Additionally, Food Vision offers an excellent tool for stroke and aphasia rehabilitation, helping patients to relearn food vocabulary and communicate dietary choices to their care givers.

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