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This is a very simple game application that demonstrates use of the accelerometer and touch gestures. It can be expanded rapidly and creatively. The user is presented with a soccer field and may move a soccer ball around the field by tilting the device in different directions. The ball accelerates based on the momentum of each tilt and bounces off walls naturally. The player may score goals, and a label counter is provided to keep track. In addition, the player may control Lionel Messi by touching the screen along Messi's x-axis. Messi plays defence; if he touches the ball, it rapidly accelerates in the opposite direction. For more challenging gameplay, turn the device upside down and use Messi for offence in a "penalty-kick" simulation. Note: this application requires an iOS device to run properly. The simulator does not have an accelerometer.

【免費遊戲App】Football Games.Soccer Games-APP點子

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