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【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

If you are a True Football Fan and don’t want to miss a single update about your favorite club and all the major football leagues, including UEFA Champions League then you need a butt-kicking Football app made by Football fanatics. That app is "Football Pulp".

Football Pulp keeps you connected with the world of football through all the latest updates, news, live scores, match fixtures/schedules and gossips from the world’s biggest football leagues.

"Football Pulp" provides you live scorecard, live commentary, and live match status along with auto-update match schedule, points table and top goal scorers. You can customize your whole experience of Football Pulp by choosing your favorite team as default. Moreover, you can add 6 teams from different leagues to follow closely with instant news, match status, live scores and cards alerts.

Not only this, Football Pulp also provides you the list of major official broadcasters that will be telecasting live football leagues & UEFA Champions League matches. This helps Football Pulp users to watch Live Online Football Matches in your native language with One-Click bypassing all geo, network and ISP restrictions. No matter where you are, be it school, office, overseas or in travel, you can stay on the pulse of all your favorite football leagues with Football Pulp.


【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Broadcaster List – Find all the major official streaming channels in the list and access them with a single click

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Match Schedule;

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

- Favorite Team Wise

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

- League Wise

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Live Score Card & Commentary – Live auto-update score and commentary of all matches

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Goal Alerts – Get alerts for every goal scored in your favorite team matches

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Match Status Alerts – Get alerts on the start, half-time and the end of the match with scores

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Auto-Updating Points Table

【免費運動App】Football Pulp - Watch it Live!-APP點子

Up to 6 Favorite Teams – choose up to 6 teams to follow them closely

Add/Remove Favorite Teams - You can easily add/remove any team at any time from your favorites list.

PureVPN has especially optimized its servers for all the hottest matches of football leagues & UEFA Champions League, around the globe!

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