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Have you ever wanted to combine the excitement of football with the thrill of playing slots? Football Slot & Trade brings you an entertaining combination of football, slots and binary options trading all jam-packed into this powerful app allowing you to trade, play and win at any time and from anywhere.

Now let’s get into some trading slot fun with Football Slot & Trade. We will give you $100 of fun money to get you started so step into the trading arena for FREE and get in on this exciting action…

Simply place your bet and Spin your magic. If you hit 3 Up or Call arrows or 3 Down or Put arrows, it is time to put your predictions into play. If you think that the price of the Euro – U.S. Dollar will go up in the graph, simply select Call and if you think it will go down, select Put. Now sit back and watch your money grow!

If your prediction is correct, your winnings will be doubled and you will soon be trading like a pro. Once you feel confident that you have mastered your trading skills, why not trade for real with one of our trusted and premium brokers? As a Football Slot & Trade expert, you will be entitled to some exclusive benefits such as a welcome bonus, advanced trading tools and features, personal one-on-one training and much much more!

Binary options trading is easy to do and yes, even you can do it without any prior experience. It only requires the power of your prediction in deciding in which direction the price of an asset such as gold will move. That is, either up or down. If you predict correctly, you can make up to 89% return on your investment.

Simple right?

So let’s get started and have some fun with Football Slot & Trade today!

【免費博奕App】Football Slot & Trade-APP點子

【免費博奕App】Football Slot & Trade-APP點子

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